Epistemic status: update

This year was better than the last, woooo!


I had a very fortunate year.

I saw Dune live with my best friends. It gave me goosebumps for weeks afterwards.

I watched Smash Summit 11 with my friend Dylan. We ate Korean food and it was perfectly happy.

I went to Portugal and met my team! I also finally met my friend Xiq there, complete with basil ice cream.



  • I didn't become the best smasher in Nova Scotia. I reached #5! However, in April I realized that if I was going to seriously try becoming the best, I'd have to abandon all other goals (and probably watch my wrists disintegrate). So there was at least a strategic retreat!

  • I didn't release music. This was tricky because it relied on coordination between people. I also found a lot of barriers between "mood to work on this instead of something else" and "actually recording music". This is probably solvable, but not a priority for 2022.


  • I got a job! I've been working at Melange as a front-end dev for almost a year. It's been crazy, it's been fun, it's been crazy. Funnily enough, this came about because Glenn Yu saw my wrap-up post from last year, in which I mentioned job-hunting. "Blogging is networking for introverts"!

  • I wrote a novella! After a summer of writing and a fall of editing, I still don't know if it's good. I do know that I like it. If you're in the mood for a 100-page time-loop romance with an effective altruist who Goes Too Far, message me! If you have any knowledge about publishing or promotion, let me know, the idea of people reading it makes me happy!

  • I learned how to code in Rust. There's something I like about it aesthetically, the speed and the safety. It's been a big challenge, but I'm going to keep coding in it. It requires a different mindset from what I'm used to in TypeScript (and, of course, I'm noticing it make me a better coder overall). I ended the year by making a server/cli combo out of a feature I wanted while writing my novella. There isn't yet a front-end for it, but I count the Rust portion as complete!

  • This wasn't in my resolutions, but I finally got my license. Steve Reich has become my highway soundtrack.


Politics is the art of distributing harms.


To be continued ;).