2022 Reflection

This year was grand! In the spirit of my reflection posts for 2020 and 2021, here's how my year went.


I had another very fortunate year. I met a whole lot of lovely people in Halifax, got a new job (with which that I'm still quite happy!), and finally met some of my girlfriend's friends around the world that I hadn't yet.

Some of my favourite events this year were a visit from my mother (we drove around Nova Scotia), interviewing my dad, and going to GOML with my girlfriend.

Accomplishment-wise, I made two sites I'm quite proud of: Pixel Sorter and the Possible Worlds Tree. I wrote a lot and was able to share what I wrote with many people. I won a Nova Scotia tournament for the first time and hit 1400 on chess.com.


I became more anxious this year. I'm not really sure why or what the solution is, but I have a plan to try this coming year.

I'm not sure where to go with the Possible Worlds Tree. I'd ideally like it to be a go-to introduction to existential risk, but it isn't clear to me that that's higher impact than passing on ownership to an org or spending those hours on other projects.

I played too much chess. I think I'm pretty good at not getting consumed by social media, but chess has become my time-wasting weakness. This can probably be fixed through habit.


I made four resolutions last year and achieved half.

I resolved to reach 135 pounds. I put negligible effort into this. Total failure!

I resolved to write 100 blogposts. I put minimal effort into this. Total failure!

I resolved to start a coding side hustle, defined loosely. I started freelancing over the summer, so I'm counting this one!

I resolved to write 100 short stories, and I did it! Like I wrote in my reflection piece on that process, I am very happy to have succeeded.


Coming soon