2023 Resolutions

Every year I take on some big projects. I think resolutions are “serious” and it should matter if you don’t follow through. I didn’t follow through on half of my resolutions last year, so this year I’m going to be much more focused and cut it down to two.

135 pounds

I am going to work out regularly, gain 10 pounds, and thereby hit 135 pounds (80% probability)! This is one I did not succeed at last year, but after conversations with friends and thinking about it more, the benefits are too huge to ignore:

  • I have a sedentary job and I feel myself getting tired out more easily than I suspect a 29-year old should.
  • It seems like exercise minutes pay off at 3x extended life minutes.
  • I’ve become more anxious over the last year and recall being less anxious when I last took working out seriously.
  • I like being strong.

These are too good! Especially because I can think through my next resolution while doing it!

Many of the benefits could be gained through cardio, but 1) my friend Robert points out that it’s easier to interact with Things in the world when one is stronger, and 2) I find running really boring ha ha.

Interlinked Short Story Collection

I am going to write a short story collection that adds up to a novel (90% probability). My favourite read this last year might have been People From My Neighborhood, and I adored how it did interconnected short stories. I’m still very happy working on short stories, but I want to do a big project. Shout outs to my pal Hannah for the inspiration. And then I am going to try to get it published. Whether that works out is beyond my control so that isn’t a commitment, but I think my writing is at a level where I have a shot!


I hope that you ('dear reader'?) have a lovely 2023. I hope that your 2022 was better than the preceeding years and that 2023 is even better. I hope that you succeed with your own goals and become happier and more at peace. If we ever cross paths, let me know how your own quests are going!